Calm Brave Dependable

We dreamed of horses who are calm brave and dependable.

Welcome to Pony Treats

Do you dream of a horse that stands quietly, waits patiently, faces and acknowledges scary objects and works through his fears without drama and danger? So did we. This is why we developed our exclusive Kits, each one carefully formulated for your horse.

Pony Treats are handcrafted sugar cubes with hemp extract for easy absorption.
Each treat contains 100mg of hemp extract.

Hemp extract is best when it is absorbed through the soft tissues in the mouth. As your horse crunches the sugar cube his saliva melts the sugar which allows the hemp extract to get absorbs into the soft tissues.

Each bag contains 25 individually wrapped treats. Easy tear bags for ease of use in the barn.

$69.99 to order please call 312-296-7900